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Meet Joy 

Certified Multidimensional Healing, Flower Essence & Reiki Usui Therapist.

I’ve spent the last six years studying holistic therapies and going on retreats to help me with my self-healing, self-awareness and self-esteem process. I’ve been learning to be a better version of myself in all aspects of my life. Thanks to that, my worldview and my spiritual view have completely changed.

I’ve earned an integrative view of life and I’ve learned that whatever happens in our physical health is completely related to our spiritual health.


Not only did the connection to true Divine energy change me completely, but also the direct interaction with Nature, our Mother Earth. The herbs, prayers, genuine service and the energy of love that comes from our hearts are very powerful in our evolution as human beings.


So after 6 years working on myself, I listened to the universe called me. The time has come to share the holistic therapies that helped me so much in my healing process with the world.


This therapies still helps me because the challenge to achieve our potential is constant. I'm far to be a perfect person but I guarantee that the holistic therapies help me to become a better human every day and can help you also.

Our main reason to exist is to feel and spread genuine Love and the path is in the energy of our Heart and the constant seeking for healing. The day you understand this deeply your life will change forever.

The goal is to grow so strong on the inside that the outside cannot affect our inner wellness without our conscious permission and the holistic therapies can help us.


I do everything with a lot of Love, Truth, and Responsibility.


I'm glad to share the holistic therapies that help me with you too.

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